The energetic process of regenerative body works with the molecular structure of the body.  Regenerative Body can be used many different ways and has the ability to create many new possibilities.  It can have major effects on the Immune System, Digestive System, Intestines, Dermal-Fascial, Metabolism & Metabolic Rate of Cells, Respiratory System, Skeletal System, Lymphatic & Hormone Systems, Reproductive System, Electrical System, and Central Nervous System.  It has the ability to affect all the organs and major systems of the body.  The regenerative body process is so versatile; it can rearrange your whole body structure, allowing for amazing changes to take place.  If you have it done regularly, once a week, for a few months your body will move into its optimal form.

60 min. $75

90 min. $95


Correct your vision naturally with Correcting & Perfecting Vision.  It is a hands-on body process that rejuvenates vision.  The truth is: you don't have to put up with many of the common eye problems that afflict so many of us as we grow older.

Correcting & Perfecting Vision is for you if:

  • You're tired of wearing glasses all the time

  • You're worried about the risks involved in laser eye surgery

  • You don't have the money for expensive eye surgery procedures

  • Your eyesight constantly seems to be getting worse

This process activates healing forces within your eyes and also removes the beliefs you have about aging and vision.  It also deletes judgments about what is or is not possible to change with your eyes and vision.  This process targets your physical vision and facilitates you to heal.  This process can also, repair trauma that the eyes have experienced.  It may also work on sinus problems as well. 

The Correcting & Perfecting Vision process targets your physical vision and facilitates you to activate 15 potent energies specifically designed to unlock you from the patterns that are locking in less than perfect vision for you.

Recipients of this process and this class are reporting that after 1, 3 or 10 sessions, they don’t have to wear their glasses anymore, or that they have better vision in the dark, or aren’t bothered by bright or flashing lights anymore.

45 min. $60

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