An Intuitive Reading is a communication to you (as a spirit in a body) providing information about your spiritual path and your physical, mental and emotional well-being.  A clairvoyant healer sees the energy in your aura (electromagnetic field that surrounds your body) and then can interpret it.  It can help you have an understanding about the energies around you and how it affects you (challenging, limiting or assisting you). This amazing spirit to spirit communication creates awareness allowing the spirit to heal itself and the body immediately.  This type of healing is simple but yet very powerful.  Many miracles have resulted from this process and helped peoples lives transform.  Also throughout the reading, healing is done if needed to clear out any energies that don't belong to you or blockages or limitations.  You might experience different sensations in your body or notice emotions moving through you.  An intuitive reading can: 

  • Assist to bring awareness and insight into your life. 

  • De-energize your unconscious beliefs and energy patterns that keep you in limitation. 

  • Release negative energies that you are not even aware you have absorbed. 

  • Release energy that causes "dis-ease" in the body. 

  • Assist you to access your own personal power and soul purpose to create the life you came to live.


Sessions are conducted in-person, phone or remote. 

30 mIn. $75

60 min. $150

90 min. $225

120 min. $300

Packages of 3 or 6 Sessions Available.


The Soul Illumination raises the vibration of the aura (human energy field) and the field around every living thing. The Soul Illumination allows the practitioner and the receiver to still the mind and transfer Divine Life Force energy to the part of your being that needs it most, for your healing and re-balancing to full health.  The Soul Illumination brings your body, mind, and spirit back into balance, and in doing so may reduce the amount of time on medication or the amount of times you need visit the doctor. 


The Soul Illumination is so simple and yet so powerful when being done by the practitioner. 

Three sessions are recommended. WHY? Well it is human nature to be curious, and on the first session your mind will want to follow what is going on and what the practitioner is doing. So most people don't switch off and relax deeply. It also takes time to trust and let go. We like to control things out of fear. DON'T WE?

On the second session you know what to expect and will feel much more relaxed, safe, and feeling much better after the first one. So the mind lets go of control more and deeper issues can be looked at and dealt with by you and the loving help of the Angels. This brings the healing to a new level.

The third session is the session where every part of your being is filled with love and light, as you are now ready to let go the issue or dis-ease. That is not to say that you can't let it go sooner. This session can go so deep that great changes happen in your life and a clear goal in life begins to emerge for more joy, love and peace to enter your life.

There is a three-week gap in between each session to allow the energy to work on the 7 major energy points of the human body and the aura system to clear 3 times. Starting from the head and working down to the base and back to the head and finally to the base again to connect you to mother earth.

Some of the shifts that the Soul Illumination Healing will create in your life are:

  • Removes discordant energies and balances the 7 Chakras and the 7 Body Systems.

  • Allows your being to heal and clear on all levels.

  • Opens you to your true God Self.

  • Activates up to a minimum of 33 strands of DNA.

  • Gives you access to your 5th Dimensional Light Body.

  • Connects you with your Higher Consciousness.

  • Activates ascension on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

  • Helps you to create Unity Consciousness.



The Soul Illumination 12 Chakras, was revealed to me by my guides and the Masters in 2014.  Because consciousness is at certain level now, we can now have all 12 Chakras cleared and aligned and integrated for our next steps.  It was also revealed to me that this is first an initiation, which assists one to keep raising their vibration into higher levels of consciousness for their highest potential and path and second a healing session mainly to help assist us with our continued growth and expansion.  During this amazing process all karma that can be released is cleared from the chakras, energy field and body as well as continued upgrades on the chakras and body systems.  As in the Soul Illumination the Supreme Being, Ascended Masters and Arch Angels and high level beings are doing the work while I facilitate the space for you.  This is the most powerful session I can facilitate for an individual at this time. Some of the shifts that the Soul Illumination 12 Chakras Healing will create in your life are: 

  • Removes misqualified or negative energies from and balances the 12 Chakras and the 7 body systems. 

  • Clears all karma that can be released at that time for each individual.

  • Attunes your chakras and energy bodies to your soul frequency.

  • Allows your Soul to heal and clear on all levels. 

  • Opens you to your true God Self. 

  • Activates up to 33 strands of DNA. 

  • Gives you access to your 5th Dimensional Light Body and beyond. 

  • Connects you with your Higher Consciousness. 

  • Activates the Soul Star and connects you more to your path and purpose.

  • Connects you to Mother Earth and the new crystalline grids.

  • Activates ascension on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 

  • Helps you to create Unity Consciousness. 

One session initiates a 24-day intensive healing for you.  You may feel different levels of yourself being worked on throughout the next 24 days - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and much more.


Sessions are conducted in-person, phone or remote. 

90 min. $195

Packages of 3 or 6 Sessions Available.


This treatment addresses underlying issues driving the symptom pattern by restoring all the body systems to optimal function. Its a 55 step process where we are connecting the whole brain and body.

  • Experience a profound energetic tune up for all organs, glands and systems

  • Boosts the immune system for optimal strength and resistance to illness

  • Clears shock and trauma and restores harmony and balance

  • Restores normal function to the body with proper energetic reset balancing

  • Feel relief from chronic pain, emotional problems, disorders, addictions, phobias, PTSD, and physical disease

  • Releases the brain and body from viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites

  • Works within the DNA to shift genetic blueprints that hold you back 

  • Balances the hydrochloric acid, blood sugar, enzymes, hormones and much more...


Sessions are conducted in-person, phone, or remote. 

30 min. $75

60 min. $150

90 min. $225

120 min. $300

Packages of 3 or 6 Sessions Available.


Crystal Bath Healing is a healing system using an array of specially cut and lighted quartz crystals. The individual receiving the session rests face up with eyes closed, bathing in the energy. Seven quartz crystals are positioned in a fixed array over the Chakra centers at a level approximately 12 inches above the body. Light and color shine through each crystal in alternating patterns creating a spiraling amplification of energy from the root to the crown chakras. The Crystal Bath Healing has an inter-dimensional effect and the vibrational patterns manifest higher and higher levels of awareness, harmony and peace.The Crystal bath consists of a massage table with a fixture containing seven crystals and lights hung above it. Each lit crystal is positioned over a chakra point (energy center) on your body. You lie on your back on the massage table with a cloth over your eyes, listening to restful music. It is a way to relax, clear negativity and open your chakras. Often the Entities work on people during these sessions.The Crystals for the Crystal Bath were mined in a small town called garimbo de Ouro where gold and precious stones, quartz crystals and amethyst lie beneath the surface of most of that area resulting in a profound energy emanating from the land. Joao Teixeira de Faria (John of God) says that the crystals making up the bed were “born in beds of water, deep beneath the earth”. They were extracted from the earth over very long periods of time. Each of the seven crystals come from a single large crystal and are carefully hand-sculpted beneath a waterfall.


Crystal Bath Healing Sessions 

Sessions are either 30, 40 or 60 minutes. Sessions can be received every day if required, however no more than one (1) hour of treatment can be given in one (1) day. Initially, sessions are 40 minutes long. This allows the individual to become accustomed to the effects of the "Crystal Bath Healing". Once they are comfortable with the 30-40 minute sessions, then the sessions can be extended to 60 minutes.


How often should I get a "Crystal Bath Healing"?

The number of sessions someone has depends on the individuals’ level of health, and their reason for having "Crystal Bath Healing" Sessions. If someone is very ill, then sessions could be as many as two to three per week until the level of health increases, then reducing the frequency to weekly and then to monthly. If an individual is having Crystal Bath Healing Sessions for a spiritual reason then weekly sessions are adequate, and longer time per session may be used.

  • Harmonizes the Chakras and subtle energy bodies

  • Re-balances the frequencies in the electromagnetic field

  • Triggers healing processes in the psyche and body

  • Rejuvenates physical systems for improved function

  • Stimulates the development of inner senses for spiritual awareness


Optimal benefits from your healing session are best when you arrive in a place of relaxed receptivity and attitude of letting go and allowing. The crystals evoke feelings of peace and serenity. You may experience insights and release of specific personal issues and memories. You may have feelings of warmth, movement, tingling or expansion. Your awareness may extend beyond yourself to higher states of consciousness.


How does the "Crystal Bath" work?

The "Crystal Bath" combines the power of Color Therapy and Crystal Healing Therapy. This combination of healing energies is further and GREATLY ENHANCED, by the “Healing Entities” of the Casa de Dom Inacio. These Healing Entities are the Spiritual Beings that work in and around the Casa de Dom Inacio. These are also the entities that are incorporated by the Medium Joao Teixeira de Faria, who is known as “John Of God”. The colored light shining through the crystals is the tool that the Entities use to channel their healing energy into the individual receiving the "Crystal Bath Healing". As the color is transmitted through the crystal onto the corresponding Chakra the chakra is cleansed, energized, and brought into balance with all of the other chakras. This further allows deeper more subtle energies within the individual to be brought into balance. As these subtle energies are brought into balance the bodies own natural healing mechanism uses the energy to create healing within the body. The "Crystal Bath Healing" cleanses, balances and recharges the body’s energy while strengthening the immune system and removing stress.


What Healing may occur?

As with many of Subtle Energy Healing Therapies, no claims can be made that any disease states can be cured. However there are many, many reports of healings occurring. Healing can occur on many different levels, spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. Many people who have had "Crystal Bath Healing" Sessions have reported some of the following:

  • feeling more energized,

  • feeling more at peace within themselves,

  • generally less stressed and a feeling of increased overall well being,

  • a deeper spiritual understanding of themselves, and their life situations etc.,

  • gaining insights into their future life path,

  • gaining insights of the cause of disease states,


feeling of physical healing taking place (as heat/burning, tingling, shaking, pins and needles etc.) as they feel the presence of the Entities working directly on their physical bodies.
Each and every person who receives "Crystal Bath Healing" reports a different effect, each relevant and unique to his/her own condition, needs and level of awareness.


What to expect after "Crystal Bath Healing" Session?

As with all forms of Subtle healing, what each person experiences after the "Crystal Bath Healing" Sessions may be different. Some report feeling include:

  • a deep tiredness, as a result of the healing that has been done, and continues to occur.

  • a sense of deep inner peace,

  • feeling very energized.


The experience is totally individual. No matter what the experience it is advisable for the individual to rest after a "Crystal Bath Healing" Session. It is also advisable to drink several glasses of water over the next several hours to help rid the body of any toxins (waste products).

Sessions are available in-person only.

30 minutes $50

40 minutes $65
60 minutes $80

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"Hi Lisa, 

It's been a little more than a week, but I wanted to follow up with you. This experience has been absolutely amazing. I have always WANTED to believe in energetic healing. I've felt tiny nudges of it before, but could have argued that it was all in my head. I have never felt such powerful shifts before. I am so grateful for all that you have done to help me and I look forward to what is still ahead for me. 


Thank you, thank you, thank you."

~Alissa, WA

Thank you so much for the reading/healing yesterday it was an immediate and quite profound change. Today I am feeling enthusiasm and I have mental clarity, certainty and immense connectedness and love, which is a wonderful change. 


In gratitude, 

~Charla UT

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