Space Clearing is a simple method for harmonizing energy in a home or business ... in other words it helps make a room or a space feel good. Ever been in a space that just feels icky? Or how about a space that just felt warm and relaxing? Everything is energy, and our intimate spaces absorb energy over time that can build up and become stagnant. I like to think of an uncleansed space as dirty bathwater. Energy effects us, so if your home, or office or special place has seen you through a divorce, an accident, a death, arguments, bankruptcy or any other difficult life event, it may be time to clear it out. Otherwise that residue (dirty bathwater) remains and will continue to effect you and those around you.


The practice of Space Clearing has been practiced in ancient India, Egypt, China, Japan and in every native culture around the world since the beginning of time. It's a quick and powerful way to uplift energy in a space. Even top realtors use Space Clearers in vacant buildings that have been on the market without selling for up to a year. After a professional Space Clearing, most of these buildings sell within a short time ... even when the buyers don’t know that the building has been cleared. The buyers just notice that it feels good.


After a space is cleared, people report that they feel healthier, stronger, clearer, more focused and more at peace. (Places that have stagnant energy often make a person feel sluggish, confused, anxious, irritable, worried, or stressed. Once the space is cleared almost everyone reports feeling much better.)

When is Space Clearing needed?

This is useful when first moving into a new house, office or when selling a home or shifting and cleansing the energy in a present home or office.  It can also be done on a regular basis as a tune-up to keep the energy bright, uplifted and harmonious. It is easier to stay in a balanced and happy state if our own personal energy is not resonating with silent discord from former times.


For Wellness/Health Offices:
  • Regular clearings should be done 2-4 times a year depending on flow of patients in the office

  • If you work with patients on a table where pain is released (ex. massage, chiropractic, acupuncture)

  • If you work using talk therapy with clients or patients


For Private Homes:
  • Whenever you feel stuck in some issues in your life – to clear out old or recurring problems in your life and open up new possibilities

  • When you are about to move into a new space – clearing of any energetic residue of the previous occupants

  • When you are trying to sell your house and want a calm and peaceful feeling to the space

  • Assist the healing process of anyone in your home

  • After an illness – refreshes and uplifts the space

  • Create a loving space for a newborn

  • After a divorce or break up or after any traumatic event


What are the Benefits of Space Clearing?

  • More overall beauty and light seen in the home

  • Emotional stability and healing

  • Physical vitality and good health

  • Stronger, more loving relationships

  • Creativity opening up and inspiration

  • Unexpected prosperity and abundance

  • New job opportunities or promotions

  • Land and plants that thrive


There are some things you can try yourself to keep your space clear like smudging with sage, using epsom salt sprays,  crystals/stones or a Himalayan salt lamp.


I utilize specific energy clearing processes from the Perelandra body of work to release any ungrounded, discordant or stuck energies that have collected in your land, home or office. Working co-creatively and in direct partnership with Nature's intelligence and the spirit of your land, these environmental stresses are removed. While I am the facilitator in these processes, it is Nature herself that directs and re-establishes the balance and harmony in your environment to fully support you. Processes include:

  • Energy Cleansing Process

  • Battle Energy Release Process

  • Soil Balancing & Stabilizing Process

  • Atmospheric Balancing Process, clears to the just beyond ozone layer (above your land)

  • Geopathic Stress Balancing Processes, clears 25 FT. below surface (of your land). These processes combine a separate Energy Cleansing Process, Battle Energy Release Process and Soil Balancing & Stabilizing Process, with the focus of clearing specific geopathic stresses residing in your land.


I can complete my work for your property remotely or on-site for any property around the world, if a map of your land and buildings is provided. In most cases, this information can be obtained via Google Earth

Space Clearing Details: 

2- hour appointment done in the home or office to cleanse the space of unwanted, stagnant or negative energy. Clearing includes all rooms of concern in a home or office, up to 2500 sq ft. Clearings include Peralandra processes, salt cleanse, sound vibrations, and any other necessary tools needed. Most space clearing takes up to two hours, depending on the energies. Longer, more intensive processes may be needed—for instance, under house water lines, releasing old battle energies, geopathic stress, or conflict within the home. 



$280.00 for up to 2,500 sq. ft.

Duration: 2 hours

Additional charges may be necessary should the dwelling adjoin a cemetery, underground stream or leylines, or other disruptor 

Each additional hour is $140.00

You are welcome to inquire about hiring Lisa to work on-site 



Photos of the house

Handmade sketches of the rooms to approximate scale on each floor, including attics and basements, with front, back and side yards


Contact us today to schedule your appointment.​

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"I have used Lisa’s services for two houses: 

After Lisa cleaned out my house in Boise, ID, my realtor said potential buyers kept commenting that the energy felt so great there. The house came under contract two days after being energetically cleaned. 


Next was my dad’s house in Upstate New York. With bipolar tendencies, my father was a bronze star WWII veteran who’d never speak of the atrocities he’d witnessed. When Lisa cleaned out the dwelling, including an extra 10 feet underground for “battle energies,” (most likely Native American skirmishes), the house ended up with three bidders at the worst possible time to sell in the Northeast—November. No one wants to move in the winter, and typically nothing sells with the Holidays looming."



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