I've had a few sessions with Lisa both in person and distantly she never ceases to amaze me. She is such a calm, loving, and kind person with an amazing gift. She takes the time to really tune into what I need and talk me through it. She has helped me tremendously on my spiritual journey and I look forward to working with her in one on one coaching sessions.



I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa for many years, on many levels, and always with great success. More recently, for no apparent reason, I had a cluster of migraines that were happening daily. We got on the phone together and worked through the root causes. Not only did I learn a lot, but I haven't had a migraine since. Thank you Lisa, for all that you do!



Lisa is a gentle, powerful and true healer. Her insight is spot on and her healing is very easy to assimilate. I had been having many health issues, including fatigue and some major dental problems, for which the prognosis wasn't looking good. Two months later, my teeth are recovering quite well and I know that Lisa's healing session was a major turning point for me. Being a healer myself, I am particular in who I want to work with and Lisa is one at the top of my list. Her dedication, devotion, energetic abilities and divine connection are stellar. Thank you Lisa for helping me to 'remember' my true, absolute essence!



I have had a lot of energy work done in my life and have been the recipient of many intuitive and spiritual healings. Never have I had a more immediate and profound experience than what I have received from the blessedly clear and pure, Lisa Flores. The healing has been so complete and pervasive throughout all areas of my life that I can't even recall the state I was in because that vibration has been changed so thoroughly. I was quite literally assisted to a higher level of consciousness and existence. I am in deep gratitude for the grace that I have received through the gift of Lisa. Bowing deeply, Molly



I have known Lisa for 15 years, and she never fails to deliver the best of the best.  From crystal bed sessions to empowering classes, from healing sessions to answering mundane questions she has never failed me.  I have a rotator cuff injury that has bothered on and off for the last year.  One healing session and NO PAIN!  Thank you Lisa !!!!!




Thank you so much for the reading/healing yesterday it was an immediate and quite profound change. Today I am feeling enthusiasm and I have mental clarity, certainty and immense connectedness and love, which is a wonderful change. 


In gratitude, 



I was introduced to Lisa when I was dealing with some health issues and looking for clarity as to what might be impacting me "below the surface".  Lisa was able to connect to some very deep issues that were still unresolved within.  Through her gentle and loving energy and gifted talents, she was able to call in healing and clarity that has completely changed me as a very deep and cellular level.  Every session we have deepens my understanding of myself and opens my heart in ways that are absolutely extraordinary!





Hi Lisa, 

It's been a little more than a week, but I wanted to follow up with you. This experience has been absolutely amazing. I have always WANTED to believe in energetic healing. I've felt tiny nudges of it before, but could have argued that it was all in my head. I have never felt such powerful shifts before. I am so grateful for all that you have done to help me and I look forward to what is still ahead for me. 


Thank you, thank you, thank you.



Like many people who are aging, I have accumulated more aches and pains than I used to have.  Lisa and I discussed that the Regenerative Body Session might be a good one for me to specifically work on my knee, which had been giving me trouble for years and which I want in the best shape possible so I can play golf.  After the first session, I immediately noticed that it did not ache as much as it had, was stronger as I used stairs, was able to get "tired" less as I practiced my golf shot, and required fewer massage sessions.  It has only improved more after the second session.  I was amazed at how fast the progress was on a part of my body which has not been in good shape for years and it has helped me decide to continue this treatment with other parts of my body.  



I have used Lisa’s services for two houses: 

After Lisa cleaned out my house in Boise, ID, my realtor said potential buyers kept commenting that the energy felt so great there. The house came under contract two days after being energetically cleaned. 


Next was my dad’s house in Upstate New York. With bipolar tendencies, my father was a bronze star WWII veteran who’d never speak of the atrocities he’d witnessed. When Lisa cleaned out the dwelling, including an extra 10 feet underground for “battle energies,” (most likely Native American skirmishes), the house ended up with three bidders at the worst possible time to sell in the Northeast—November. No one wants to move in the winter, and typically nothing sells with the Holidays looming. 



Lisa is one of the most gifted healers that I know. She emanates pure love and light from her soul to the world!


Namaste, jer-



In one of my BARS healing sessions that I received from Lisa, one of the issues we worked on was my feeling of abandonment and lack of support from my family.  It was intense and a lot of clearing took place.  Within a couple of weeks after the healing (and all the releasing) my extended family members started coming around, calling and responding to my phone calls, emails, etc.  The calls were very loving and supportive, and much more frequent, vastly different from what had been going on historically.  I’ve continued receiving support from family members, and additionally, neighbors that I have known but had not had that much to do with previously have stepped forward with neighborly friendliness and support in various ways.  And this has continued to open up for me.


The BARS sessions that I have had have been HUGE healing tools in many areas of my life, and I highly recommend them.



I had a problem with candida overgrowth sense I was a small child.  I was on a wheat and sugar free diet for years which helped keep it under control but all it would take was a cupcake or a sandwich and then I would be right back where I started.  I have tried multiple products to help manage candida which all helped but still the problem was always looming over me.  My whole life I have been told that I will always have to manage my problem and won't be able to get rid of it entirely.  After multiple treatments from Lisa; soul illuminations, serenity sessions, and the bars I no longer have any issues with candida overgrowth.  I don't even have to manage it!  I have been eating sugar and wheat in proportions that would have made me quite sick before and there are no signs of the candida.  She freed me from it.



Lisa, Thank you again for 90 minutes of pure bliss and relaxation, or more commonly referred to as Raindrop Therapy.  The environment was comfortable and inviting, the oils felt and smelled top quality, and your technique was comparable to a professional massage therapist.  Every need was attended to, from additional energy healing and hot rock work, to making sure I had enough water to drink.  I felt completely comfortable and even left without the usual headache and shoulder ache that accompanies me.  I would recommend this unconditionally.



Here is some feedback regarding the session I had on your crystal table.  During the session I felt the energy of the entities going through my body and working with me, especially in my heart region and in my head and oddly enough in the left foot.


That evening my body seemed light and weightless.  My shoulders and arms felt light and completely relaxed.  I believe that I had a lot of “responsibility” and “fear” energy that had accumulated on my head, shoulders, back and arms, which the entities released.  I’m looking forward my next session.



Thank you so much for the healing this evening.  


You are a beautiful teacher!


Peace and Infinite Abundance.



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